reason to smile

by Nicole Regan in

I don't often talk of my personal life on the blog as that was never the intention. BUT I can finally share the exciting news, I have accepted a position in the Executive Development Program at Neiman Marcus where I will be placed as an assistant buyer upon graduation of the program! #humblebrag 

I moved to Dallas for this opportunity so it feels absolutely wonderful to know my hard work has been noticed and has paid off. 

Cheers to new chapters and new challenges!


On the first day of Christmas...

by Nicole Regan in , true love gave me Hairstory.

Still looking for the perfect gift for the holidays? Stop. Collaborate. And send them a package from Hairstory. I promise it will make anyone with a head of hair a happy camper. 

If you need a real life testament as to how the product works, other than my own opinion, look no further than my mother, the ultimate beauty product critic who gravitates towards items that are actually good for her and chemical free. She's a recent convert and swears by using New Wash and Undressed everyday. We have similar hair length and while I like to use Hair Balm to give my hair some lived in texture, she likes Dressed Up for a sleeker look. 

Purchase using this link to get it in time for the holidays: Shop Hairstory here

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