by Nicole Regan in

The music wall behind me has been an icon in downtown Minneapolis since the 1970s when Schmitt Music owned the building. They commissioned the famous mural to show Scarbo, the third movement from French composer Maurice Ravel's Gaspard de la Nuit. The building itself is no longer occupied by Schmitt Music, but the beautiful, five storied landmark remains. In college I photographed this wall using an old Minolta film camera and it is still one of my favorite photographs to this day. I chose an all black outfit to contrast with the white wall and threw on this leopard coat to keep me warm as the sun began to set. I also grabbed this hat on the way out to keep my hair at bay from the wind. I have only recently started collecting hats and this black fedora with a stiff brim helps to elevate my look. They are great to throw on when I am too lazy to do anything with my hair and help make any outfit look more styled and thought out.