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One part of creating the blog that I have really enjoyed is scouting out new places and finding favorites for photoshoots. I am really getting to know our city better, especially in terms of lighting and backdrops, and I love discovering new locations. Lighting is key and we are finding out some locations have better lighting at certain times than others. I am sure a professional photographer would have already known this but Alex and I are figuring this all out on our own through trial and error. There's no denying that at times it has been frustrating, especially now since it is dark by 5:30pm, but it is forcing us to be more creative and flexible in our plans. If you know of any great indoor places for photos send a message my way please! I am becoming a bit desperate since our winter decided to skip November and December and go straight to the frigid cold of February.

For this outfit I belted a thick custom made scarf in order to add some definition to my waist. These black J.Crew jeans are a new staple and I'm completely obsessed with how they fit. They sit right above the ankle to expose a bit of skin and lengthen the leg. Be prepared to see them quite often! This equipment shirt is the most comfortable and well fitting button up. I love the length and the material is incredibly soft.



Equipment top (65% off!)

J. Crew jeans

Custom made scarf, designer here, alternative here

Ankle strap pumps, alternative here

Madewell belt, alternative here

Michael Kors watch