Mexico City Streets

by Nicole Regan in ,

¡Viva México! We visited Mexico City for my good friend's wedding a weekend before Thanksgiving. The wedding was the most gorgeous, glamorous, and romantic night I have ever experienced. We went for the wedding, but made a long weekend out of it in order to explore the city a bit. I absolutely love Mexico City; it was my second time there and I still can't get enough. For this Wednesday, I have put together a mini travel guide for exploring the part of the city that we stayed in. I purchased these booties (on sale!) a few days before we left. I wanted a comfortable ankle boot for walking around in because I knew the temperature would still be a bit chilly for me. (I'm a wimp when it comes to cold.) I have had too many unfortunate experiences with open toed shoes and traveling so I prefer to walk around with boots or flats. Alex so kindly let me wear his new Daniel Wellington watch, even before he got the chance to break it in. Great guy.