by Nicole Regan in

I'm pretty obsessed with neutrals and I honestly don't think I own most colors. No red, no pink, no green, no yellow, no orange, some blue, but most of my closet is black, white, grey, brown and tan. Having my wardrobe consist of mostly neutrals makes it far easier for me to dress each day, which is already a struggle since I'm so indecisive. If I'm going to add color, I'll do it through a clutch, shoes, or maybe a lip color. Some people will insist that you need color. I say, you need texture. That's what makes an outfit interesting. To make this basic outfit look more interesting I added my new favorite springbok clutch. It looks incredibly exotic (springbok's are from Africa, so there's that) and adds an interesting texture to an otherwise neutral outfit. A gold dipped antler necklace from local Minnesota designers Tess + Tricia finished off my unintentional safari themed outfit.

Nordstrom sweater

Sisley jeans, similar here

Topshop heels, alternative here

Springbok clutch

Antler necklace

Bunny necklace (that I never take off)