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As much as I dislike Minnesota winters, if you haven't been able to tell already, I love that I get to wear sweaters all the time. I prefer wool or a wool blend since I am always cold. When I saw a few other bloggers and models wearing this Acne sweater I was immediately in love. This is the perfect sweater; it's 100% wool without being scratchy and incredibly cozy. It is certainly not your typical winter sweater. I love the asymmetrical cut and the more structured construction of the top. I was on the fence about purchasing it, as it was a bit of an investment, but as soon as I saw how fast it was selling out I snagged it. 

This past year I've done a lot of editing to my wardrobe and to my shopping mentality. I finally understand the importance of quality basics that should make up the majority of your closet. When I'm contemplating a new piece I always ask myself how it fits into my wardrobe and how it works with the rest of my clothes. If something is too special, I'll probably only wear it once and I won't be able to pair it with other pieces. I like finding basics that have a unique element to them in order to elevate the styling of a seemingly simple outfit.

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