new neighborhood, new walls

by Nicole Regan in

As a blogger, one becomes astutely aware of and attuned to the proximity of photogenic walls and shoot locations and the times in which they are available corresponding to the direction of shadows and location of the sun. I wish I was being facetious, but I'm being serious. As excited as I am to now group myself into the category of "city folk", I was even more excited to have a wide selection of diverse walls and streets within a few block radius to use for photoshoots. The number one thing Alex and I took some time to learn was lighting, lighting, lighting. It makes or breaks a photograph. The tall buildings work in our favor to offer shade during the times of day when the sun is still high in the sky. Our schedule is a bit more flexible now, in terms of the times of day when we can shoot, which in and of itself a blessing. Because sleeping in on the weekends is number one on my agenda. 

I wore this outfit to the Cusp by Neiman Marcus fashion show hosted by NorthPark to celebrate the mall's 50 year anniversary. For 50 days, the mall and Neiman's has been celebrating with fun events and shows - featuring vendors, designers, and art. I recently read that the mall itself holds one of the most spectacular collections of sculptures in the world. It's crazy to think that a mall would be the place to go to see some of the best sculptures in the world, and I'm lucky that I get to be around it everyday. Back to my outfit, although the bottom may look like a skirt, it's actually culottes with an attached pleated apron to give the appearance of a skirt. Quite clever actually, as I love the security of pants. I'm working on styling these culottes in a variety of ways to showcase how versatile they can actually be.


h&m zipper blouse

Tibi pleated culottes, pant version here

Tibi mules, different color here

Krewe de Optic sunglasses

Vintage fur bag, similar here

DSC_6016 (1).jpg

Photography by Alexander Plotz