by Nicole Regan in

I'm still here! Thank you to all my readers and supporters who stick around even when life gets away from me. My mom was in town for a week so I took some time away from the blog to spend quality time with her. It's not old news that what we choose to portray on social media is often shown through rose colored lenses. We want to show the world that we live a wonderful lifestyle full of perfectly arranged flowers and chic decor. That we wear the best shoes and clothes and dine on only the finest avocado toast. While I do love my life and I am full of gratitude for everything and everyone I have in it, I am human and my life is far from perfect. I am trying my best to keep up and pursue the things I love while having to, unfortunately, put other things on hold. Despite life throwing me a crazy curveball, I am trying to remain hopeful while focusing on my own happiness.

After that rather heavy note, let me lighten it up a bit by talking about the outfit. This sweater is one of my best investment purchases. An investment, but so worth it. The structure is unique enough to make it special but not too trendy so as to make it passé next season. The best styling trick I've heard, and utilize often myself, is to pair something oversized with something fitted. It's not necessary, as I love an all slouchy outfit a lá MK and Ashley Olsen, but if I still want to show a bit of my figure I'll wear an oversized sweater with skinny pants. I matched the bootie to the color of the leggings to further elongate my legs to add more contrast to the proportions. 

Acne sweater, grey color here

Aritzia faux leather leggings

Michael Kors booties, similar here

Céline all soft tote

Ray-Ban aviators