DIY: how to marbleize a desk top

by Nicole Regan in

I want to start off by saying that DIY's are definitely not my "thing". But after seeing this post on how an IKEA desk top was transformed into a faux marble slab using only contact paper, I knew it was something I could easily tackle on my own. 

Step 1: Measure contact paper, leaving enough on all of the sides to wrap around underneath. Only remove the adhesive a few inches at a time to reduce the chance of air bubbles getting caught.

DSC_7457 (1).jpg

Step 2: Use a smooth, rounded edge cutting board (or ruler) to stick the contact paper to the desk top. Use the board to push out any air bubbles and remove any creases.


Step 3: Finish by smoothing the contact paper over the edge. If necessary, cut one long strip to finish the edge, covering the desk top.


Step 4: Do the same to the other half of the desk top if the contact paper is not wide enough to cover the whole table. Using the marble contact paper allowed the two halves to have a seamless look, even though it took two separate rolls to cover the top.

The finished result!


Piece of cake! I'd love to hear or see any IKEA hacks you may have done on your own. Share in the comments!