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Now that I'm an official Dallasite, my winter skin prep has only recently started now that the temperature has dropped into the 50s. My Minnesota friends might call me out and tell me to toughen up, but cold is cold! The air is starting to get drier and I've already started using the heat in my car. Neither are good for the skin, so I've begun to take preventative action by using my favorite NUDE skincare products. They recently sent me some new items to try, including my favorite repair oil that I already use nightly. 

To cleanse I use the omega cleansing jelly. I love that I can use this without water and watch my makeup melt off after massaging the jelly in. I rinse with warm water, and voila! All of my makeup is gone without any foaming or rubbing or tugging. I used the brightening fizzy powder wash after a night of heavy handed makeup application. The light tingling sensation felt like it was getting my pores extra clean and left my skin looking bright. I followed up with my favorite rescue oil that I have been using religiously for months. I have oily and acne prone skin, and this oil has done wonders in helping my face to repair itself over night. After I let that absorb, I massage in the overnight repair mask. In the jar it feels thick, but once you swipe some on your skin it feels surprisingly light and hydrating. I finish off my nightly routine with an eye serum to combat any potential lines. In the morning I simplify my routine, by using the omega jelly cleanser, a toner and then a light oil free moisturizer. I have been using the milk moisturizer as a sort of primer before putting my makeup on. I still use my hourglass primer afterwards, but I found that using the milk has helped me to set my skin before any makeup application.


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Highlighting the different textures and consistences, starting from left to right: overnight repair mask, milk, rescue oil, omega cleansing jelly

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