bon bon

by Nicole Regan in

Guys, this is my favorite outfit. I'll probably keep saying this about every outfit because I'm utterly obsessed with clothes and every five minutes I find a new favorite. But I love how this outfit felt. This equipment button up is the perfect fit; slightly oversized and soft. By unbuttoning one more button, a peek of a lace bralet adds of bit of unexpected sexiness. Button it up one more, tuck it into a skirt, and I'm ready for the office. But my favorite part of this outfit? My new bon bon.

"What is that??" A young girl asked me as she walked past Alex and I taking photos.

"A bon bon!" I said excitedly, maybe too excitedly, because she still looked confused so I had to add that it was, in fact, a purse. She told me it looked weird and walked away. 

A compliment nonetheless, because I like weird. And I love weird accessories. Without the bon bon, this would have been a great outfit, but for me, the fluffy ball of fur hanging off my shoulder helped to elevate this look. The more I learn about fashion, the more I gravitate towards the "weird". Weird is relative, after all. So maybe this is normal. I'm just going with the reaction I received from the little girl. Here's to weird, my friends.


Charlotte Simone Bon Bon (probably my new favorite designer!)

Equipment button up

Zara jeans, similar here

Zara booties, similar here

Ariel Gordon bunny necklace

Anarchy Street bar necklace (on sale!)

Giles & Brother hook cuff

Anarchy Street nail bangle, rose gold color here