ways to wear an oversized scarf

by Nicole Regan in

I went a little overboard while we were shooting these photographs. I began with the scarf styled one way and I thought, what the heck, let's see how many ways it looks good. Turns out, this scarf looks good styled all the ways. The thickness of this scarf in particular gives it a bit of unexpected structure. So that when I throw it around my body, it has a bit more staying power. I first saw a houndstooth scarf like this in a street style photograph from Europe. The girl had a less thick scarf but had wrapped it around her neck multiple times. I loved how it instantly made her look covetable. A great scarf can do that. I had this one custom made from Etsy designer Wick & Poppy. Her original design had shorter dimensions, so I asked that the scarf be a bit longer and wider to create a more 'blanket scarf' look that I was going for. Not only is it a great personal accessory, but I've also thrown it across my bed to update my bedroom look and I've used it as an actual blanket. There you are, a case for the blanket scarf; useful in more ways than one.

Oversized blanket scarf

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