products i actually use

by Nicole Regan in ,

If you've seen my closet, than you can also understand my obsession with beauty products. I love trying anything new and I hoard like a chipmunk. I've had a lot of friends, family and co-workers ask me my recommendations for beauty products because I've tried so many. I've already done the trial and error testing, so when I recommend a product it means I really love it and it really does what it is supposed to do. For this post I'll be covering my everyday products I use to take care of my face. 

To preface, I have oily skin with combination skin in the winter. Even us oily faced folks can still get dry skin, which is no surprise since a warm winter day in Minnesota is anything above 0 degrees. I prefer to combat oil with oil and tons of moisture. I really resisted the oil trend at first, but after doing some diligent research and learning about the benefits of oil, especially for oily skin, there is no turning back. I've tried a few face oils over the years by brands like Josie Maran, Dr. Dennis Gross, Algenist, and Perricone MD. My most recent and reliable favorite has been by NUDE skincare, it's their ProGenius™ Treatment Oil. It contains 10 different oils, including jojoba oil. It's the only oil that most closely mimics our body's skin and natural oils. It has actually helped to reduce the amount of oil my face is producing. I can go almost the whole day without having to resort to oil blotting sheets. My current cleanser is Tatcha Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. It definitely lives up to the hype. It melts away even the thickest of makeup, smells divine and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. After cleansing, I do a few pumps of Nars Skin Multi-Action Hydrating Toner onto Shiseido Facial Cotton squares (these are worth the few extra bucks you pay over a drugstore brand). This toner helps to add a layer of moisture back onto my freshly cleansed face and works to reduce redness. I follow up with my face oil and then Clinique For Men Maximum Hydrator. I originally bought this for Alex, but I ended up using it and liking it more. It doesn't have fragrance and is pretty plain jane when it comes to moisturizers. Sometimes, simpler is better. Twice a week I use Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment. I use it as an overnight mask and an occasional spot treatment to hydrate dry patches that show through my makeup. I got Alex hooked on this too. You'll wake up with a dewy and glowing complexion. I also use it when flying or directly after a flight to combat any potential dryness my skin experienced. Once a week I use Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel. This stuff is magic. I use it whenever my skin starts freaking out to wipe the slate clean, if you will. It gets rid of potential blemishes, brightens my complexion and makes me glow. Seriously. My co-workers can always tell the day after I do a treatment. It's that noticeable. So there you have it. My daily products I rely on in order to have the best skin I can. Do you have any products that work wonders for you? I'd love to hear about your favorites and any recommendations for new ones to try!