black & brown

by Nicole Regan in

Much like my black & blue post, where I discussed throwing out the style rules, I did so again here. I think any color combinations can be possible as long as they are styled with intention. When I say that, I mean that your brown with your black or your black with blue should look as if you did it on purpose. A way to show purposeful styling is by doing a bit of matching. In this outfit I made sure all of the blacks I had on were similar in shade. It makes the brown coat stand out and look intentional. In my black & blue post I made sure to wear similar colored blues and blacks. You can also make a look with varying colors more purposeful by wearing accessories that draw from another shade in your outfit. Maybe through a watch strap, belt or shoes. I really like to use black as base. I feel it pairs well with most (all) colors and, if you are wearing another neutral, the black base really allows the neutral to 'pop'. It would be the same for wearing colors and black, allowing the color to stand out more vibrantly.

I had mentioned in my Leather Pants wish list that I had purchased these Wilfred Free faux leather leggings that I am wearing below and that I would give a review. Here's my review: GET THEM. Seriously. At least two pairs because you are going to wear them so much with everything and you'll need an extra just in case. I have been wearing these with everything and nearly everyday. Alex was starting to get concerned. I don't even care. It's like an excuse to wear no pants, because it feels like you are wearing no pants, but you look so good so you don't even care. #teamnopantspants

Trina Turk coat, more colors here

J. Crew turtleneck

Wilfred Free faux leather leggings

Zara booties, alternative here

Club Monaco scarf (on sale!)

Tory Burch cross body, similar here and here