chunky knit & laced leather

by Nicole Regan in

On my way back to Minnesota yesterday from a wonderfully long weekend in Texas for Alex’s birthday, a gentleman stopped me in the airport and complimented me specifically on this sweater. Alex is not a fan of my affinity for oversized knits and shirts but this sweater must be something if a random guy is going to notice it! Oversized shirts and tops can look great and flatter your body when you take the time to focus on proportions. I’ve been wearing this sweater nonstop for a few weeks now, it’s that good, but I always pair it with skinny pants – jeans, leather leggings, leather pants, etc. It’s a way for me to wear my favorite comfy and oversized tops while still saying, yes I have a body under here and yes, occasionally I go the gym when I’m not busy eating.

I also scored these Club Monaco side lace up leather pants from the recent Shopbop sale. I've been lusting after them for awhile, as you can see in my leather pants wish list here. One thing I have learned when purchasing leather to wear, whether it's pants, tops, or dresses, is to order down a size or two. Leather stretches, especially if it has been heated up from touching your body directly and from everyday wear. They should fit very well and tight, with the intent being that overtime, they will stretch.


H&M knit sweater (I am wearing a size medium for reference)

Club Monaco lace up leather pants

Rachel Roy heeled sandals, alternative here

Céline All Soft Tote