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I visited Fort Worth last weekend to surprise Alex for his birthday. It wasn't much of a surprise because I told him a month before when I purchased the plane tickets, oops. I can't keep a surprise to save my life, I get too excited! This is the outfit I wore when we went out for his birthday dinner at a sushi restaurant a few minutes away from our new place. The next day, prior to attending the opening night of La Bohéme at the Dallas Opera, we stumbled upon the restaurant and bar Proof + Pantry because it was within walking distance from the venue. The bartender made us excellent drinks; for Alex, a penicillin and for me, a St. Germain cocktail. I'm sure we'll be going back there again. Saturday morning we woke up extra early to get our butts kicked at bootcamp. The idea of going to bootcamp seemed fun because all the cool people do it, but my calves were so tight the next day I couldn't stand up straight getting out of bed! I'll stick to my light lifting, thanks. After making breakfast together (which was my favorite part of the day. It seems so mundane but I really appreciate our little moments of "normal" that we don't get as often anymore due to the distance) we walked to the Fort Worth zoo specifically to see the blue macaws, because I'm obsessed with the movie Rio. I am really enjoying exploring our new area and trying new restaurants around us. If anyone has ever told you about Texas, they'll always mention how big and spread out everything is. There are so many things within walking distance from our new place, it helps to make our new Texas home seem a bit smaller

 If anyone has any good restaurant, bar or shopping recommendations for the Dallas/Fort Worth area, let me know! 

h&m angora sweater (found on the sale rack in store), alternative here

h&m high waisted skinny jeans

Topshop pumps, alternative here

Alex's knit scarf (the perks of sharing a closet now), alternative here

Céline all soft tote

I'm mid sentence telling Alex that a car is coming. Anything for the shot...