moto & plaid

by Nicole Regan in

We are still in the process of discovering good places to take pictures here in Texas. We've been exploring our new area but it is still difficult to know how an area will photograph during different times of the day. We decided to take these pictures in the neighbor by our new apartment, because one, we couldn't think of any place else, and two, the houses are actually mansions and absolutely gorgeous. Although the photographs are maybe a bit too busy for my liking (I prefer to have less background noise), they turned out pretty well for a spur of the moment decision. Some of you may have noticed a change in the quality and clarity of the photographs from the last few posts. I upgraded us to a Nikon D700 and it has changed our lives. Not really, but it makes shooting during odd hours much easier. Let me know your thoughts!

Rails shirt

Zara moto zip pants, alternative here

Topshop heels, alternative here

Céline all soft tote