jazz club alley

by Nicole Regan in

This particular alley is a photographer's dream. The natural light peeking in through the buildings bounces off the pale concrete to create a perfect glow, as if we had someone holding up a reflector. (Anyone in the DFW area want to volunteer?) I had been searching for the perfect cocoon coat when I found this one from h&m. I also love this one from Hatch (currently 30% off). As I've mentioned before, whenever I add volume on top I always balance it with a skinny silhouette on the bottom. I wore black booties to match the black leggings to further elongate my legs to better proportion the added volume on top. 

I wanted to let you all know that I just joined Daily Look's Elite Box. It's a subscription styling service and right now they are offering a free three month trial (normally priced at $60). I've been wanting to try a subscription styling service but I have had a difficult time finding one that was offering product I was actually interested in. I browsed through some of Daily Look's items and I already found a few items I might pre-purchase before I even receive my first box. They have a good mix of high and low brands that I normally gravitate to. Click on this link to enjoy a free three month trial of Daily Look's Elite Box! (This is not a sponsored post. I just wanted to let you all in on this great deal!) I will be receiving my first box towards the end of April and I will post a review then.