grey, black & python

by Nicole Regan in

Right before this shoot, we had lunch at a restaurant called Pecan Lodge in a Dallas neighborhood called Deep Ellum. The place was recommended to us by a friend, so we made the drive from Fort Worth, after stopping to shop at the infamous Dallas Galleria. (Which has Zara!!!!!!!)The bbq we ate was so worth the 45 minutes we spent waiting in a line that went out the door and wrapped around the inside of the restaurant. Guys, I have had dreams about the pulled pork and coleslaw. The weather was so nice, especially compared to our negative windchill Minnesotan temps this time of year. We were able to sit outside in the sun and enjoy our lunch. I had just purchased this Club Monaco scarf at the Galleria and wore that over my sweater instead of my coat. It was a bit breezy and cool in the shade, so this scarf was the perfect transitional piece. You can clearly see I'm fond of oversized scarves. As an individual who is always cold (80 degrees is my jam) an oversized scarf is something I always carry with me. I can use it as a blanket, as a wrap, or just as a scarf. It's versatile and easy to throw in my purse or leave in the car in case I get chilly.

Club Monaco oversized scarf, alternative here

Ann Taylor wool turtleneck, alternative here

Wilfred Free faux leather leggings

Modern Vice python booties

Westward Leaning sunnies