jeans with a secret

by Nicole Regan in

Psst! These jeans have a secret... They are actually maternity jeans. (Collective gasp of shock!!!!!) And they are not that different from the non-maternity style, with the exception of the spandex in place of the pockets and most importantly the price difference as they are currently 20% cheaper than the non-maternity pair. I wear spandex leggings all the time for working out, being generally lazy, etc. so I didn't see wearing jeans with some spandex as much different than some of the pants I already wear. Uh, sold! And seriously, we all need a little extra flex in our pants anyways. If I hadn't told you, you would never have known. So go outward my friends, and buy the less expensive maternity pair of pants that will fit you on all the days. Spread the word!