blue bouclé

by Nicole Regan in

Something about this coat made me immediately think of designer Isabel Marant. I love her oversized knits and coats that ooze a certain type of comfortable coolness. I cannot yet afford her gorgeous outerwear, so this jacket was a great alternative. It's versatile as it straddles the line between coat and blazer. This coat would look great cinched with an embroidered belt, but I chose to wear it open since it was an unexpectedly warm day in Fort Worth. I brought along my new Tibi mules which are incredibly comfortable and my favorite springbok clutch. We took the photographs in downtown Fort Worth for a change of scenery. Right after these pictures, we went out for tacos, table s'mores and craft cocktails from The Usual Bar (clever name). From now on, you'll be seeing me mostly in Texas since my photographer now permanently resides there. I've been back and forth between Fort Worth and Minneapolis, but I'm so excited to move down there the first week in June. We are both really enjoying the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our new apartment is right by the river and near a large park and the zoo! (I'll post some pictures on my Instagram this coming weekend, follow me there for more up to date snaps!) Happy Monday!