by Nicole Regan in

This was our first attempt at a more editorial style photoshoot. I am so proud of Alex for these photos because he put so much effort and creativity into this shoot. It reminds me that sometimes it's okay for me to let go and allow someone to be creative in their own right. As much as this is a collaborative blog, since Alex is the photographer, I sometimes forget that the photographer has the right to their own creative expression and ideas as much as I do. Most of the time, going into a shoot, I will personally have at least a few frames in mind of how I want the clothes shot and the details I want featured. I need to work on reminding myself that my photographer may have his own ideas in mind, and often times, he is able to get shots I was not thinking of. I'm so appreciative of Alex's talents and success with nearly everything he puts his hands on. I'm lucky to have him not only as a boyfriend, but as a collaborative, supportive and creative partner.


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