Dailylook Outfits

by Nicole Regan in

I received my first Dailylook Elite subscription box the other day and, like I had promised, I wanted to give a review and show you all how I would style the different pieces. I've already ordered a few things from their site prior to receiving my box. If you aren't interested in using their subscription service, you can always just order straight from their website. I really like their varied selection with pieces that are at higher and lower price points. My first box held a ton of great items: a black cami, a simple gold bangle, leather wallet, knit cardigan, a-line skirt, sheer blouse, draped long sleeve tunic, and a white leather jacket. The accessories, knit cardigan and cami are not featured below as I found them to not fit my personal aesthetic. I styled the items with things already available in my closet, rather than purchasing new pieces to go with them. I did this as a sort of personal challenge, as I wanted to test my styling skills by utilizing items already available to me. I have a terribly bad habit of purchasing new things to go with new things. Yes, I'm working on it (so I tell myself), but I digress. Below you'll find a few shots of each outfit with the list of where I purchased each item, including the featured Dailylook piece. Some of these pieces I've had in my closet for years (I told you I was a collector) but I've done my best to find great alternatives at similar price points. Overall, I really enjoyed the selection that my stylist sent. I'm looking forward to the next box when I can provide her with a better idea of what items I am, and am not looking for. The accessories will be going back, I have enough already and I am very particular about the quality of my jewelry and leather goods. I am definitely mulling over that white leather jacket... It was really fun to take on this styling challenge and to work with what I already have. It is a reminder to myself that I have more than enough options in my closet. Something I'll try to remember when I'm getting ready and I shout "I have nothing to wear!" I'll learn someday.

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Note: this is not a sponsored post. The thoughts above are my own. I did this to challenge myself and give you my review about this styling service.


Dailylook skirt // J. Crew turtleneck (similar) // Urban Outfitters blazer (similar)

Topshop maroon scarf (similar) // Cos leather belt (similar) //

J. Crew black and white pump (similar) // Len Druskin clutch (similar) // Krewe St. Louis sunnies


Dailylook top // Asos duster coat (similar) // Mango belt (similar)

h&m high waisted skinny jeans // Forever21 chelsea boots (similar)

Céline all soft tote // Krewe St. Louis sunnies 


Dailylook leather jacket // anthropologie white short sleeve button up (similar)

J. Crew trousers (similar) // J. Crew black and white pumps (similar)

custom made snakeskin clutch (similar) // Krewe St. Louis sunnies


Dailylook blouse // Nordstrom faux fur sleeveless coat (similar)

h&m high waisted skinny jeans // Forever21 chelsea boots (similar)

Céline all soft tote



Photography by Kassi Mihm

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