belted blazer

by Nicole Regan in

It had been a rainy afternoon so Alex and I waited until dusk to take these photographs. We snuck out between the rain showers to snap some pics on TCU's gorgeous tree filled campus. I'm thrilled with the way these turned out, and I'm even happier with the quality of my new (well, slightly used) Nikon D700 while shooting in low light conditions. It allows us a bit more freedom in our schedule as we don't have to wait for optimal light, although it is preferable. 

I was really inspired by all of the belted coat and blazer looks I saw this past season and wanted to recreate it. I stuck with an almost all black palette with varying shades of dark grey. I wanted to keep the look sleek and professional looking. Belting the blazer helped to add some definition to my waist where normally I have little. I brought along my new Mezzi clutch to complete the outfit. I'm not exaggerating when I say that the quality of my Mezzi clutch is incredible. I even had my parents come look and feel it as soon as I opened the box! This is one purchase that I know will be at my side for a lifetime and can easily complement my entire wardrobe. I'm even more thrilled that the clutch comes with a tracking device so that if I misplace my clutch or phone I can use their app to locate my precious items.


Forever 21 blazer

H&M gold detail belt, similar here

Zara moto zip pants

Michael Kors stiletto ankle boots, similar here

Mezzi clutch

Krewe du optic St. Louis sunglasses