pants and a shirtdress

by Nicole Regan in

I honestly couldn't think of a clever name, so now you know exactly what I am featuring today. I am wearing a dress over highwaisted black jeans. I really liked this trend when I saw it on the fashion goers at NYFW last year. A pair of skinny or tailored pants worn with a dress, preferably with a slit to show off the fact that yes, you are wearing pants underneath. 

Also, apologies for the extended hiatus from my regular posting schedule! My family and I took this weekend to move me down to my new home in Texas. We drove so it was quite the weekend affair. I do not recommend driving from Minnesota to Texas if you do not have to. A lot of cornfields, windmills, and well, more cornfields. I spent the weekend with the fam, picking up furniture for our place and showing them around a bit. We went to the beautiful and serene Japanese garden in the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. If you live in the area, it is definitely a must see. They also have concerts every few weekends in the garden hosted by the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra. I'm looking forward to packing up a picnic with some great wine and dessert and enjoying the music with Alex.