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..a great face oil. I've been such a fan of face oils ever since we here in North America finally jumped on the bandwagon that the rest of the world was riding on. Face oils are hydrating without feeling heavy, and add a certain luminosity to the skin that a cream can't replicate. I've struggled with oily skin my whole life, so I was initially hesitant to put more oil on my face. I was surprised when I found out that the external oil helped to regulate my natural oil production and thereby lessened it. My face no longer melts my makeup off by noon and instead the oil helps to keep my skin hydrated, fresh and acne free. I have recently added NUDE skincare's rescue oil to my daily ritual. I had been desperately searching for a light oil for my new Texas climate and NUDE came to my rescue with their new appropriately named rescue oil. I've been using it each day - am and pm - for two weeks and it certainly lives up to its name. It dramatically reduced my oil production, so my face is no longer sliding off after a few hours of this hot and humid Texas weather. My skin feels soft and looks more youthful. I was struggling with some cystic acne along my cheeks and chin (thanks aging) and much of that is clearing up. The oil is light and sinks into the skin quickly so I'm not left with a slick feeling. I apply it at night rather generously and layer my night cream on top. In the am, I push a light layer of the oil into my skin, wait for it to dry and then add my day moisturizer. The scent is light and botanical, thanks to their new star ingredient bakuchiol along with rose hip oil, papaya, hibiscus, rosemary and a cocktail of other wonderful natural ingredients. It sounds like a decadent drink in the making! The packaging and color are a treat to the eye. I love adding a product to my skincare routine that actually lives up to its claims, and one that looks even better on my bathroom counter.

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