feeling blue

by Nicole Regan in

Not to quote Elvis here or anything, but all I would need to complete this look is a pair of blue suede shoes. Summer is the time to break out all your denim blues and let your legs breathe a bit. I had been searching since May for the best denim cutoffs that would elongate my legs (see my denim shorts wish list here). I love the new cut of this season; rather than the hem of the short cutting straight across the thigh, instead it angles up towards the hip. It's a flattering cut as the extra skin shown adds a few miles to your legs. I added a pointed toe flat to go with the leg lengthening theme. When I first started wearing heels and nice shoes, many years ago, I avoided anything with a pointed toe like the plague. I thought of it as aging and I thought it would make my feet look bigger, which was weirdly a huge insecurity of mine. I was completely wrong. The pointed toe adds length to the legs, thereby making them look longer and making you look taller (bonus!). The pointed toe will never go out of style because of how flattering it is on everyone and what it does for elongating the body. It's a shoe staple that should be in every woman's closet, even if you're already 6 feet and counting (lucky you!).