boho dress & a vest

by Nicole Regan in

I love love love this look. It is definitely a bit more boho compared to what I typically wear but it is great for the summer. On Wednesday I talked about how I am preferring to wear white in this hot Texas climate as it helps to keep me cool when my body is already working overtime to try to do the same. The dress is cute on its own, but the vest helped to streamline the look a bit. I liked this outfit so much, that I ended up wearing it out for my birthday some weeks ago. 

Now that it has been my first full two weeks here, half of which I have spent on my own because Alex has been traveling, I have taken the time to explore the city a bit. I went to the Slide the City event, which was quite underwhelming because the 1,000 foot slip and slide blocking Main St. didn't work for the majority of the day, and I took a free tour of the Modern Museum of Fort Worth. They house some incredible modern pieces and our docent who conducted the tour did a wonderful job of allowing us to vocalize our interpretations of the art before she gave us the artist's original intentions. I would love to go experience this again with Alex because I rushed through the galleries after the tour since I was starving. I drove around quite a bit and saw some incredible mansions, my favorites being the more Mediterranean inspired ones. I'm looking forward to attending more of the amazing events this city offers throughout the summer.


Asos boho dress, similar here

h&m vest, similar here

Windsor Smith lace up heels

J. Crew tote