dress as a tunic

by Nicole Regan in

I have a tendency to lock onto something I'm really interested in. In regards to a new trend, I research the heck out of it, learn how other people have interpreted a certain style or trend and then give it a try myself. Before my self styling days, I loved clothes, but I was too afraid to wear them. I was afraid I was going to stand out for the wrong reasons, or that if I tried a trend, I would wear it incorrectly and look silly. I was always afraid of looking foolish. Now that my career is in fashion and now that I have this blog as my creative outlet I love that I can try out trends and different ways to style things without feeling worried that I might look silly. Because so what? Maybe it did look silly, or maybe I look back and think "ugh, that outfit was atrocious!" Lesson learned. I won't do it again. I am learning I need to embrace my mistakes, embrace the potential for mistake making and know that it will be a learning experience. I have always been laser focused on perfection. It's not easy to let it go, nor do I want to let go completely as that side of me always asks me to challenge myself to make something better, do something better, or learn more about something. It's a constant internal battle, something I'm sure we are all no strangers to. Pretty deep for a Monday, right? I hope the takeaway from this is that everyone should feel free to wear anything they want because they want to. For years I hesitated because I cared too much about what others might think. I can't control that, you can't control that. So why worry and stress, and instead, wear what makes you happy and what makes you feel good. That's what fashion is. 

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Photography by Alexander Plotz