wide leg

by Nicole Regan in

Now that I'm working in a place where I live and breathe fashion, I find myself taking more risks with silhouettes. I know I've been talking about unique and unusual silhouettes lately, but it is a trend that you'll see a lot of this fall. The dramatic flare, bell bottomed and wide legged pant is something you'll be tempted to try this coming season. For those who are hesitating, wondering how much wear you'll get out of something deemed a "trend", I'll be honest with you and tell you the wide leg, high waisted look is flattering on almost all body types. The high waist adds length and the wide leg makes your legs look miles long. It hides any lower body imperfections and adds a waist where I need one. Since I consider this a more dramatic look, for myself at least, I wanted to keep the accessories simple but elegant. My go to Mezzi Elletra clutch perfectly complemented my look and the high quality leather and gold hardware stands out on its own. Since my Mezzi clutch comes equipped with a GPS tracker in case I lose my phone or my clutch , I always bring it with me when I travel. I use it as a catch all pouch in my large totes during the day, and then use it for a sleek clutch at night. You'll be delighted to know that all Mezzi products now come with a charger for your phones and iPad. Just another reason to have this clutch as an essential in your accessories wardrobe.

DSC_3247 (3).jpg

Photography by Alexander Plotz