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Before I start, an enormous elephant sized thank you to my readers who have the patience of all the saints since I have been slacking like no other. These pictures are from this summer, pre hair chop, and I am finally getting them up. I have to preface this post with how incredibly proud I am of my new photographer and boyfriend, James. I am blown away by his talent everyday. I hope you enjoy these photos and the forthcoming posts that feature his work. He makes me look good, I just wear the clothes. Thanks boo ;)

This dress is actually a three sizes too large kimono dress. I flipped the pockets inside out and then tied them together so I could create a more defined silhouette. In the past I've also used pins to create tucks and folds in the front and sides of dresses that are oversized. Using pins and other innovative techniques help to create focal points of interest on clothing that would typically wear as boxy or minimalist. I wholly encourage experimenting with your clothes and how you style them. Most of the time, you don't need to buy anything new. Spend an hour at home going through your closet and try styling things in unique ways. Some will flop but sometimes you'll stumble upon that one trick that makes you suddenly love a piece you've never known how to wear before.


h&m kimono dress, similar here

Sol Sana mules

Ray-Ban aviators

F is for Frank animal ring


Photography by James Spence

Instagram: @jamespence